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TAVA surveys transgender veterans and servicemembers

TAVA, the Transgender American Veterans Association, is surveying transgendered people who have served or are currently serving in the U.S. military. You can access the survey here. From TAVA:

A new survey has been created to achieve a more accurate picture of the state of the transgender American veteran population. Many of the issues facing transgender veterans are no different than those facing the rest of the transgender community. However negotiating healthcare thru the Veterans Administration and dealing with the Department of Defense poses its own unique set of challenges. This survey is also for those transgender people who are still serving in the military and those veterans who identify and are diagnosed as intersex.

The detailed survey of 117 short questions only takes between ten and twenty minutes of your time and it is the first of its kind to be undertaken. Many of the questions have several choices to them, but just a few will take multiple answers. A large percentage of the questions are a simple “Yes/No.” Some require a written response.

I just completed the survey. It took me about 12 minutes, although I was able to skip the section on VA health care because I have never used the VA system. Most of the questions have to do with quality of life issues, and I imagine the data will be very useful if enough trans vets and servicemembers are sampled.

If you’re trans and have served, I think it’s worth your time.



  lucas wrote @

did you post this just for me? i’ve finally connected with a gay soldier who just got out. i’m wondering how possible it is to connect with active duty trans soldiers…seems near impossible, but who knows.

  Allyson wrote @

Lucas, you know its’ true, that everything I do, I do it for you.

Omigosh…was I just channeling Bryan Adams? I kind of blacked out for a moment there.

  lucas wrote @

nice spam… hey i got the same message on my blog. weird!??!? coincidence? i think not! death to spammers!!!… non-violently of course.

  Allyson wrote @

Maybe the same person just thought we were both interesting but couldn’t agree with us.

Yes…I join you in your non-violent crusade against spam! In fact, I’m going to go non-violently delete that spam comment right now!

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