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SLC Trib on trans student denied housing at SUU

The Salt Lake City Tribune picked up Kourt Osborn’s story today. We’re seeing with increasing clarity how little the SUU administrators understand about transgender people.

Neuman Duncan, SUU’s housing director, said the school is not discriminating against transgender students. Instead, it is simply following a policy to ensure the comfort and safety of all students. “He has not transgendered completely so we are unable to assign him men’s housing,” Duncan said. SUU’s housing policy requires that transgender students provide a letter from a doctor that says they have undergone all necessary treatments and hormone therapy has been complete. “Where they’re in the process [of gender transition] I have no place to put them,” he said.

You’re right, Mr. Duncan. SUU is not discriminating against transgendered students. It’s discriminating against lower- and middle-class transgender students, who cannot afford gender reassignment surgery. And that’s to say nothing of transgender students who cannot have surgery for medical reasons, or who choose not to have it because it is incredibly invasive and frequently ineffective, particularly for female-to-male trans people.

We’re still waiting for either the Trib’s or the Deseret Morning News’ editorial boards to take a position on this.


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  lucas wrote @

since i’m reading this book on fundy mormons right now i’m all up on the LDS world. The Deseret News is an LDS owned newspaper. I’m not sure they’re going to come down on your side of things on this issue.

Deseret, btw, is the original Mormon name for Utah and many still refer to the region as the Kingdom of Deseret. Sorry, i’m a little fascinated and obssessed with mormons right now.

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