Crossing the T

Life at the intersection of Church and Trans with Rev. Allyson Robinson

Merry Christmas!

I’ve traveled 1,500 miles since Saturday to spend the next few days with family, and my heart and head are swimming with thoughts and feelings about how difficult and wonderful the holidays can be for LGBT people.  For a day or two, though, I’m just going to focus on being, and being authentically.

As we celebrate the incarnation, I pray that each of us will genuinely be “made flesh,” that our spirits will express themselves without hindrance in and through our bodies.  May the world know the fullness of you, and may you know the fullness of the world, and may there be harmony between the two.



  pam wrote @

Beautiful words Ally! I hope today is full of fun for you and your family!

  lucas wrote @

i’m so happy you guys are together again. thanks for the words about our flesh and spirit living in harmony.

  Peterson Toscano wrote @

Ally, I know that this Christmas the idea of incarnation is all the more real than ever for you. You have becoming you more and more transparently and I know that you run risks doing so. You are a courageous woman and I will continue to pray for you. Feel free to e-mail whenever you like. I am with my cool and wise trans friend Alex in Sweden and have turned him onto your blog.
Much love

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