Crossing the T

Life at the intersection of Church and Trans with Rev. Allyson Robinson

Recent and readworthy, “Rhetoric Matters” edition

Mark Casey guest-blogs at Bilerico on why “one man, one woman” political rhetoric makes no sense in a world where one in 4,000 people is born intersex.

Christopher at Betwixt and Between goes on a bit of a rant over the false dichotomy between academia and activism.

At, author John Grisham offers Baptists three suggestions for restoring their good name–a Crossing the T “must-read!”


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  Joyce wrote @

Great links, Ally — keep ’em coming. As a rhetorician, I was interested in the “rhetoric matters” headline — part of rhetoric is definition, but a huge part of modern rhetorical theory is all about joining people through the giving of reasons and the willingness to listen to the reasons of others. Too many people think of rhetoric as “mere rhetoric,” or spin and smoke and mirrors, and forget the more powerful and thoughtful sense of the word as discussion and decision-making in an open society.

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