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My friend Dana at Mombian (one of my absolute favorite blogs on the net) meme-tagged me this morning to write a memoir of my life in six words or fewer, mention my tagger, and then tag five others.  As a preacher, author, and student, so much of my life for the last decade has revolved around choosing the right word.  The sentiment attributed to Mark Twain has certainly proven true in my ministry and my life:  “The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug.”  So as those of you who know me can probably imagine, I’ve spent most of the morning pondering six right words.  My various drafts have ranged from the humorously self-ridiculing…

Changing the world in impractical shoes.

…to the satisfyingly symmetric…

Boy discovers God; God discovers girl.

…to the shamelessly derivative.

There is no spoon.  Bend yourself.

But in the end, I settled on six words that best describe my experience of life together with parents, siblings, partner, children, friends, and God.  This is everything I’ve learned about living and all I hope to be for as long as I get to live.

When in doubt, bet on love.

To pass on the meme, I’m tagging:

Lucas at My Four Walls,

Joe at Collideoscope,

Joyce at TransLate,

Peterson at A-Musing, and

Shush at Emphatic Asterisk.

Other readers, please feel free to offer your memiors in the comments!



  shush wrote @

I really, really like this one! Most memes just annoy me, but this one made me sit down and think about myself which is never a bad thing when done properly. I really like “changing the world in impractical shoes.” 😀

  Allyson wrote @

Thanks, Shush! I almost went with that one…it spoke to both the activist and the fashionista in me. 😀

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