Crossing the T

Life at the intersection of Church and Trans with Rev. Allyson Robinson

The very best

As I said good night to my six-year-old daughter last night, I told her, “You’re the very best daughter in the whole wide world.”

“And you’re the very best daddy-who-likes-to-be-a-girl in the whole wide world,” she replied.

God, but I love my kids.

(Cross-posted at the Family Equality Council blog.)



  Abby wrote @

How awesome is that! Kids are truly amazing in their ability to love us unconditionally, as long as we do our best to do the same for them. Allyson, it’s clear from the love your daughter expressed to you that you have accomplished that difficult task.

  Kay wrote @

Kids are the greatest!! We have a number of children in our lives and truly love the time we spend with them. The children even ask their parents if they can come visit us. That makes us truly happy.

While there may be some adults that have problems with a trans couple, the children only know that we love them, will care for them and protect them. They love to spend time with their two auntees.

  Peterson Toscano wrote @

Ooooo, that is sooo sweet.

  Eliz Anderson wrote @

Awesome kid. Mine continue to amaze me too. The statement ‘hate is learned is so true’. And your kids are loved and they know it. Ps you have earned their love by showing your unconditionally. I think this is the best lesson any of us ever learn. Way to go Alison.

  Rachel wrote @

Just came across you over at queermergent, and had to stop and say hi. This is so fantastic and lovely, I can hardly stand it.

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